September 10, 2009

Channeling the Dead

Two great Dead tribute bands can be seen and heard locally. Coming on Saturday Sept. 12 are The China Cats playing at Don Quixote's International Music Hall in Felton. And the Dark Star Orchestra will be at Santa Cruz's Rio Theatre on Thursday October 8th. For more info see: and

Game Play

Gameing is big business, and the aesthetics and theory of games is now firmly footed in academia. At UCSC a class "Video Games As Visual Culture" is being offered and a student can major in Computer Game Design. Two new board games are appealing to us bookish types here in the Library's Grateful Dead Archive. Coming soon will be GRATEFUL DEAD-OLOPY, a creation from Discovery Bay Games, the Washington State company that produced "Garage Band: The Game." According to Craig Olson, Discovery Bay Games' CEO, Bob Weir has been directly involved with developing the game's content. Beyond DEAD-OLOPY there is also "Liebrary" a bluff game surrounding the opening lines in books. ..."A screaming comes across the sky."